Off-Leash Dog Park

Having fun at the Off-Leash Dog Park

Guidelines for Fun
at Dog Parks

  • Park hours are dawn until dusk.
  • Read the signs and follow the rules.
  • Use the park at your own risk.
  • Bring no more than 2 dogs at a time.
  • Leave the leash on your dog until inside the gate, and carry it with you.
  • Avoid bringing food or toys that are important to your dog.
  • Dog parks are not appropriate for small children, especially kids who run.
  • Be aware of your dog’s location and the body language of his playmates.
  • Stay connected with your dog—give her a pat or a hug.
  • Protect or remove your dog if he’s being fearful.
  • Control or remove your dog if she’s being a bully.
  • Remember to pick up after your pet.

In the last few years, the Mendocino Coast Dog Owners Group (MCDOG) worked with the Mendocino Coast Recreation & Park District to create 2 new dog parks, both of which allow off-leash play. The main off-leash dog park is located at the northeast corner of the C.V. Starr property. There are 2 fenced areas for large and small dogs to run around in.

The second dog park is at the mouth of Noyo Harbor, under the Noyo Bridge. Take North Harbor Drive all the way down through the harbor, and the off-leash park is the beach at the end of the road.

The Guidelines for a Safe and Fun Dog Outing are brought to you by MCDOG.

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