Current Facility Hours

Sunday Noon–5:00pm
Monday-Friday 5:00am–8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am–5:00pm

Please Note: Pool hours may be adjusted during school holidays/breaks to accommodate the increased play feature usage and demands.

Leisure Swim Times

Beach Swim

Beach Swim is located only in the shallowest area of the leisure pool (also known as the beach area). Other programs are likely to be occurring in the main section of the leisure pool. This swim is intended for small children and their families. The slide and lazy river are not available during this swim. Play features are not on during this swim.

Monday–Friday 10:45am–1:00pm
Mon, Wed, Fri 4:00pm–7:00pm
Saturday Noon–1:00pm


This is a time for children and families to practice their swimming skills or just have fun. The entire leisure pool is open, including the lazy river, slide and spray features. Those wishing to swim in deep water must pass a swim test (lifejackets may be used). All children 4 years of age or under must be accompanied in the water and directly supervised by an adult at all times.

Saturday & Sunday 1:00–4:00pm

Work Out Swim Times

Lap Swim

This is an opportunity for swimmers to train and exercise in the lap pool. Lifeguards make every effort to manage the lap lanes and group swimmers according to ability and workout needs. Lanes are shared and circle swimming is required in lanes with 3 or more swimmers. There is no minimum age requirement, but participants must be swimming laps. A minimum of 3 lanes are available for all lap swims.

Mon, Wed, Fri 5:00am–7:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday 6:00am–7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am–4:30pm
Sunday Noon–4:30pm

Open Fitness

Use the leisure pool the way you like: water walking, stretching, water exercise, light swimming or relaxation. Space available varies depending on other programs. Play features are not turned on during this swim. Ideal for adults of all ages.

Mon, Wed, Fri 8:00–9:00am
Monday–Friday 10:00–11:00am
Saturday Noon–1:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday Noon–1:00pm
Monday, Wednesday 4:00–5:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4:00–7:00pm

Water Walking

The Lazy River is open during these times for water walking and jogging. The water jets are turned on to create a current that increases resistance for a great workout. This is an excellent time for low-impact exercising and injury rehabilitation. For adults (18+) only.

Daily Noon–1:00pm
Monday–Friday 8:00am–9:00am

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Last Updated: 8/17/15

—What’s Happening—

We will no longer be offering towel service as of October 1st 2015. Towels will be available for purchase if you forget to bring your own.  

Fitness Class Schedule Aug 16 – Dec 31 2015


Heard By the Pool

Holiday Hours
[posted by Kathleen Fain on November 28th, 2015]

Winter Break (School is out): December 21-January 1- We will be adding a Swim/Slide/Splash session 1-4pm

(on all school holidays that we are open)

December 24 Open 5am-1pm

(No fitness classes after 12pm, no Swim/Slide/Splash)

December 25 CLOSED

Happy Holidays!


Friday, January 1- OPEN 12-5pm ADMISSION FREE DAY!

River Walking 12-1pm, Zumba 1-2pm

Swim/Slide/Spalsh 1-4pm

Lap Pool 12-4:30pm

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